How do snake charmers charm snakes

Most snake charmers live in India and other countries of the Far East, where they attract large crowds at bazaars and fairs with their strange and daring performances. A snake charmer carries his snake - usually a cobra in a large basket. He places the basket on the ground, takes off the lid and then starts to play a special kind of tune on his pipe. The snake slowly uncoils itself, rears up from the basket and sways to and fro in front of the charmer. Most people assume that the snake is charmed by the music. in fact, although a snake does have ears it cannot hear sounds in the air. It can only 'hear' vibrations on the ground as they are transmitted to its ears through the bones in its head. Therefore what probably happens is that the snake is mesmerized in some way by the charmer's movements as he plays. A snake charmer is certainly a brave man, because if he makes a false move during the performance he could be seriously hurt or even killed by a bite from his dangerous pet.